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What we do


We have trained hundreds of people from beginner to advanced. Whether it be Scrum fundamentals, Product Owner or agile technical practices, our experienced coaches can help you understand the why behind the concepts. See the materials used in training.

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Working with individuals, delivery teams and management, we guide you through applying agile, helping you to achieve your measurable goals.

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We work with your team to assess your projects, processes, and tools and design a change plan tailored for your organinzation.

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About Westboro Systems

We are a consultancy that has deep experience in all aspects of delivering projects. We have worked with clients in many industry sectors including: financial (banking, mortgage, insurance), technology (telecommunications, embedded, and security), large media creation and delivery, and various government departments.

Our extensive experience includes:

  • Project initiation and chartering
  • Requirements gathering and management using agile techniques
  • Agile portfolio management
  • Helping organizations become more effective through leveraging agile values and practices
  • Working with executives, management and delivery teams to achieve effective and lasting organization change
  • Technical practices needed for agile project delivery

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“Love games to engage people! Approach is simple and down to earth. 10/10!”

“Glenn's passion is amazing. Loved the exercises to drive the message home. Big WOW!”

“I like how the course was adaptable to feedback; starting with solicited expectations at the beginning and returning to question to ensure they were answered.”

“Lots of food for thought and not restricted to "must do this practice" attitude. 10/10”

“Liked the emphasis on the values of collaboration, good communication, high quality, and continuous improvement.”

“I loved the games that demonstrated (agile) core concepts in a creative and memorable way.”

“Love getting our team in a room to learn about Agile together!”

“Best Agile training I have ever had thanks to Glenn.”

“I liked how you engaged the attendees to participate though discussion and exercises. Very knowledgable on the subject. 10!”

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