Training Slide Decks

We are open sourcing our training material. This is a starting point. All material is under constant change.

While this material is available for you to use, the training uses very few of the slides. The material here is meant to give an idea of the concepts that are covered during training. A large part of the training are interactive exercises that help to demonstrate and deepen the understanding of the concepts.

As Scrum is the most widely used Agile framework, the terms used in the material is Scrum focused. However, the course covers many concepts that Scrum does not talk about.

The three decks below often comprise the material in a 2-day Agile Fundamentals course.

Scrum Fundamentals

This is about a day-long workshop that covers the basics of the Scrum Process. Main topics are the background of Agile, Scrum roles, and Scrum activities. Product Backlog is covered in depth in the following workshop.

Product Backlog Workshop

This is about a day-long workshop where the participants go through the exercise of creating, ordering by value, and estimating a Product Backlog.

Continued Learning

Training can be helpful, but what happens when the training is over? You must continue learning and evolving your skills! This deck is a compilation of resources that may be helpful in your journey to Agile mastery.